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Andy Herrmann Quartett | Andreas Herrmann - Pianist & Komponist

The Child in Me

In his project, The Child In Me, pianist Andreas Herrmann explores his childish side – demonstrating, yet again, his quality as a composer.


Until now mainly appearing with his trio, which was nominated for the Neuen Deutschen Jazzpreis in 2010, the pianist has now come up with a first-class quartet with Norbert Scholly (guitar), Arne Huber (bass) and Fabian Rösch (drums).


The harmonically extremely complex and sometimes metrically convoluted compositions reflect childhood memories and express images and moods that take the listener on a sensory journey. Whether childish play, the rain or gusts of wind, Herrmann consistently shows that logical compositional rigour does not rule out sensual lightness. Entirely rooted in the tradition of jazz, but with modern grooves and almost childish playfulness, the excellently co-ordinated quartet reproduces the composed pictures highly individually, and expresses them in varying light and new colours.

"The Child in Me" Album von Andy Herrmann | Andreas Herrmann - Pianist & Komponist

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“The scene needed just such an unconstrained combo jazz album.”


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The Child in Me – Game

"The Child in Me" Album Cover von Andy Herrmann | Andreas Herrmann - Pianist & Komponist


The Child In Me was founded by German pianist Andreas Herrmann in 2015. The CD of the new project, recorded in 2016, appeared on the Swiss Unit Records label in October 2017 and only contains compositions by the band’s leader. With Norbert Scholly (guitar), Arne Huber (bass) and Fabian Rösch (drums), the Freiburg-based pianist has brought three top musicians from the German jazz scene into his band.

Andy Herrmann | Andreas Herrmann - Pianist & Komponist

Andreas Herrmann

(Pianist, Composer)

  • 1986-1990 Piano studies at the “Swiss Jazz School” Bern.
  • 1995-2002 Classical composition studies at the Freiburg University of Music.
  • Since 2009 Professor at the Lucerne University of Music.
  • 2010 Nomination for the New German Jazz Prize with his trio.
  • Andy Herrmann played with numerous jazz greats such as Benny Golson, Jimmy Woode, Dave Liebman, Zipflo Reinhardt, Reggie Johnson, Debbie “Sister” Sledge, the Anne Czichowski Quintett, the Axel Kühn Trio and many others.

Norbert Scholly | Andreas Herrmann - Pianist & Komponist

Norbert Scholly


  • 1985 Soloist Prize at the “European Jazz Competition”
  • Seit 1997 lecturer at the “Johannes Gutenberg University” in Mainz. “Johannes Gutenberg Universität” in Mainz.
  • 2002 Winner of the Jazz-Art-Award of the state of NRW and the WDR
  • Played with Benny Golson, Peter Erskine, Danny Gottlieb, Dave Liebman, Jochen Rückert, Nils Wogram, Achim Kaufmann and many others.
  • Tours throughout Europe, India, Central Asia, Ukraine and Israel.

Arne Huber | Andreas Herrmann - Pianist & Komponist

Arne Huber


  • 1997-2001 Jazz studies at the Mannheim University of Music.
  • 2002-2006 Classical double bass studies at the Freiburg University of Music.
  • 2002 Winner of the international jazz competition in Hoeillart / Belgium with L14 / 16.
  • 2005 Winner of the international jazz competition in Getxo / Spain with the Felix Fromm Sextet.
  • Seit 2011 Lecturer at the Mannheim University of Music
  • 2012 Scholarship from the Baden-Württemberg Art Foundation.
  • 2015 Jazz Prize of the City of Worms.

Fabian Roesch | Andreas Herrmann - Pianist & Komponist

Fabian Rösch


  • 2000-2012 Studied drums at the Academy of Music in Munich.
  • 2006 Winner of the state competition “Jugend Jazzt” (category: Solo).
  • 2012-2016 Studied drums at the Jazz-Institut Berlin with John Hollenbeck and Greg Cohen, among others.
  • 2012 Winner of the Biberach Jazz Prize with the Matthias Lindermayr Quartet.
  • 2015 Winner of the HfM Saar Prize with the Marc Doffey Quintet.

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