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Andy Herrmann Trio with surprise guest fills Jazzkeller with plump life

“BIBERACH – With the calm self-assurance and sovereignty of long-standing masters of their craft, Biberach-born composer and jazz pianist Andy Herrmann and his trio partners, Mannheim double bass professor Thomas Stabenow and well-traveled Stuttgart native Michael Kersting on drums, celebrated their “look back” (CD “Looking Back”) into the jazz history of the past decades during their guest performance as part of the Heimattage. In doing so, they took the visitors in the once again sold-out Jazzkeller by the hand with a noticeable breeze of pedagogical eros. In his subtle introductory remarks, Andy Herrmann presented his personal path to music, jazz and, above all, jazz piano in an extensive retrospective and also provided the appropriate audio examples. The fact that the concert did not turn into a dry history lesson was due in two respects to the intuition of the Lucerne piano professor. Few, well-placed words showed the track and the guard rails, many, well-placed tones, versatile and brilliant improvisations, glittering tone cascades, colorful harmonies, attentive interaction in the trio as well as a stupendous technique let the past come alive from the spirit of the present time with due respect for tradition.”

» Schwäbische Zeitung

Caught in the circle of chords – With a very personal handwriting and intelligent, sophisticated original compositions, the Andy Herrmann Trio illuminated the rich facets of modern jazz in the Villa Eugenia.

“The three exceptional musicians shared brilliant virtuosity and an unbridled pleasure in playing together. Complex harmonies, intricate structures – everything sounded effortless, natural and irresistibly unfussy. Themes and motifs gushed, sparkling and clear as spring water. The three painted elegantly poetic dreamy pictures with their music, created spherical landscapes of sound, surprised with subtle rhythmic shifts, and impressed with fulminant rapid sequences of notes.”

» Hohenzollern newspaper

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Jazz for breakfast for the first time

“Rhythmic shifts, key changes, and shimmering runs exemplified finesse and musical perfectionism. With his piano composition ‘Hommage a Josquin’ influenced by French Renaissance composer Josquin De Pres, in which bass and drums remained in the background, Herrmann demonstrated his technically sophisticated dexterity on the keys.” (…) “The melodic playing of pianist Herrmann was virtuoso and his compositions were equally carefully thought through, absorbing influences ranging through the history of music – from Chopin, through Josquin De Pres, to funk.”
» Schwäbisches Tagblatt


Between deep melancholy and great vitality – top class jazz was offered by the Andy Herrmann Trio these days in the Stauffenberg Castle. The musicians convinced with modern mainstream jazz

“The compositions played this evening, all taken from the new CD ‘Looking Back’, are refined and rhythmically complex, nevertheless sounding lively and organic, and leaving a lot of space for improvisations and for the musicians’ spontaneous reactions to one another. Andy Herrmann’s piano style is effortless and technically sophisticated; he has an enormous emotional bandwidth ranging from deep melancholy to extremely rhythmic vitality.” (…) “While each of the musicians could hardly be bettered regarding their virtuosity, the most fascinating thing about the concert was the congenial and sensitive interaction between the members of the trio. The public were enthusiastic, and the relaxed encore of the Andy Herrmann Trio whetted their appetite for the next jazz night in Lautlingen.”
» Zollern-Alb-Kurier


Exciting concept jazz without frills

“The compositions, most of them from the greatly praised CD ‘Circle’, are among the most sophisticated that one can currently hear in German jazz.” (…) “Herrmann continuously played the chords hand-over-hand with rapid sparkling runs, whereby the security with which he found the ‘right’ harmonies was remarkable, as was his lush swing – generating lots of excitement. Everything is played very ‘straight’ and without frills, though there is still room for highly varied references, from Renaissance music, through Chopin (‘Waltz’) or a stunning adaption of Coltrane’s ‘Giant Steps’, to funk (‘In the Seventies’) and sublime treatment of chromatics (‘Tune X’). This results in original, even inventive, jazz, without tiring experimental gestures.”

» Süddeutsche Zeitung


The silver lining always in sight – Andy Herrmann Trio plays crystal-clear jazz at the Sudhaus

“The sonorous chords and finely nuanced runs of pianist and bandleader Andy Herrmann followed one another at high tempo, crystal-clear and razor-sharp. Flowing, conjuring, his strong piano compositions followed one another with deep narrative power, only interrupted by the intensive first-class solos of Henning Sieverts (double bass) and Matthias Daneck (drums). And despite all the concentrated energy and pressing rhythms of the jazz trio’s brilliant playing, everything is wonderfully unflustered and relaxed.”

» Süddeutsche Zeitung


Room for interpretation – Three top-class jazz musicians inspire in the monastery

“Pianist Andy Herrmann, double bassist Henning Sieverts and drummer Matthias Daneck started the first set of the jazz night with ‘Air’. In this piece, as in all the other pieces played during the evening, lyrical passages were interspersed with shimmering solos that engaged the entire audience in a wonderful jazz experience. A romantic echo of the classic waltz could be heard in the newly composed ‘Waltz’. Andy Herrmann, the musical core of the trio, again demonstrated to the audience his abilities as a pianist and composer.”

» Südwestpresse


Fast runs on the piano impress – Andy Herrmann Trio shines in the monastery

“The high-calibre musicians have their very own mode of expression that could be heard, for example, in ‘Hommage a Josquin Deprez’. Composer Herrmann congenially mixes Deprez’s 16th century polyphony with his own jazz changes, rediscovering sounds of Deprez’s music. The trio – sometimes sounding like a choir, sometimes jazzy and with rapid piano runs – enchanted the audience, which enthusiastically applauded all the musicians’ solos.” (…) “The perfect unit: the sensitive interplay between the instruments is captivating, conjuring up the trio’s magic.”

» Schwarzwälder Bote


Andy Herrmann Trio set high standards

“Lyrical filigree jazz in the reference class.
Precisely worked compositions of his own, with sensitively formulated poetic motifs, in particular in the bandleader’s solitary improvisations, and a highly differentiated, transparent tonal quality.”

» Schwäbische Zeitung


Press reviews & reviews of My Secret Love

“Munich pianist Andy Herrmann always manages win over the greats of his trade. On his last album, he was accompanied by Henning Sieverts, Tom Rainey and others. This time Jorge Rossy is on drums and Arne Huber plays bass. Presenting mainly his own compositions on previous albums, Herrmann devotes his new CD exclusively to the classics of the Great American Songbook. ‘Come Rain or Come Shine’ opens the album on a playful note and ‘My Foolish Heart’ brings it to a classic close. In between, Herrmann rifles through the songbook, presenting eight more tunes with imagination and verve. But it’s no wonder with these sidemen; Rossy, in particular, charges Gene de Paul’s ‘Star Eyes’ with intricate rhythms and lets himself be carried away in short and brilliant solos in ‘Just One of Those Things.’”

» Jazzthing ®

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“Time and again Andy Herrmann has been praised in music press, including by Piano News magazine. And rightly so. What the piano professor from the Lucerne Academy of Music does with ‘My Secret Love’ is classical piano trio jazz, but it’s executed with polished technique and developed with subtlety and balance. Herrmann has experience on stage and knows what is important when leading an ensemble. He sets the tone but also appreciates the inspirations of his players.

Clearly drummer Jorge Rossy and bassist Arne Huber are not just subject to Herrmann’s specifications; they are allowed to appropriately contribute with their own spontaneous ideas, lending to a wonderful sonic painting. Sensitivity and euphony are essential components to ‘My Secret Love.’ In short, it’s worth taking the CD off the shelf on a cold autumn evening and enjoying it with a good glass of wine. Using the language of social media, let’s give it a ‘Like.’”
» Jazz’N’More ®

Album "Looking Back" von Andy Herrmann | Andreas Herrmann - Pianist & Komponist

Press reviews & reviews of LOOKING BACK

“Andy Herrmann amazes in many ways. With his multi-layered colourful compositions that don’t even sound American thanks to their incendiary musicality but nevertheless swing enormously. With his by no means unidimensional, sometimes luxuriating, but never garrulous playing. And with his ability to lead a band without simultaneously pressing it into a corset.”
» Jazzthing ®

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“This is an intelligently conceived CD filled with great playing and arresting compositions in a modern European Modern Mainstream mode.” (…) “This is fine trio music indeed but despite the generally democratic bent of the music, Herrmann shines brightly. His tunes are engaging as the sprightly opener, “Valse” quickly proves. “Fair Play” and “Indecision” also are quite ear- catching. Herrmanns’ playing is exemplary as well, featuring cleanly executed and cliché-free lines, accessible harmonic complexity and an enviable confidence that keeps the listener’s interest throughout the entire set. Between the great players, the excellent solos and the fine writing, there’s nothing here not to like at all. Recommended.“
» Cadence Magazin / New York ®


“A lyrical, dynamic and emotional recording around pianist and composer Andy Herrmann, with his own compositions congenially accompanied by bassist Henning Sieverts and drummer Tom Rainey.” (…) “Enrichment for the jazz shelf!”

» Inmusic ®


“With Henning Sieverts on double bass and Tom Rainey on drums in a classic piano trio, spiced up with occasional solos from saxophonist Paul Heller, rhythmic and harmonic music-making of the highest order.” (…) “The interplay in the trio is consistently organic and relaxed despite very complex structures. Four virtuoso musicians harmonise optimally with one another.”
» Die Rheinpfalz ®

“Looking back is an exellent titel for this project, because I hear firm roots in the tradition. Fresh interesting compositions, played with pefect skill. It seems like the players were born on time. It makes me proud of the young generation.”
Ack van Rooyen

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“Andy Hermann has one again proved himself to be an incredible pianist, composer, and arranger. This CD is simply beautiful with emotional, lyrical and interactive playing from everyone involved. A veritable ‘“Tour de Force“ from all perspectives.”
Randy Brecker


“For me, this CD represents a crowning moment in a very special experience, lasting many years, with Andy Hermann and his piano playing. During my 17-year stint as an “official expert” during final examinations at the Jazz Department of Lucerne’s College of Music, Andy instantly stood out as an excellent pianist (with enormous ears), who reacted to every creative idea of the final-year students with great musicality.
The level of jazz piano musicality, above average in Europe, on this new CD “LOOKING BACK” reminds me of the constant pleasure of those days again! Andy’s eight compositions here firmly reflect a fantastic awareness of shape combined with the prerequisites of the ideal piano sound: in technical terms demanding perfect ease of playing and a light touch. Moreover, Andy has brought another of my favourites into the studio for these recordings, drummer Tom Rainey, who also shares some experiences of particularly demanding projects under my own leadership. Rainey instinctively knows how to make strongly felt music from complex templates. His unique drumstick technique is noticeable as a constant means to implement melody – where other drummers concentrate on the rhythm, merely acting as “time machines”. With so much artistic far-sightedness, it comes as no surprise that Andy also invited other ideal partners to the studio. Bassist Henning Sieverts not only grooves well with Rainey through all tempos, but also handles Andy’s technically demanding bass lines particularly well, with melodies sometimes combined with Andy in unison. That Andy’s excellent left-hand technique is again and again exploited seems almost incidental: the piano is and always was a 10-finger instrument – something that does not always seem so self-evident for today’s jazz pianists. (Is there a trace of Andy’s special sympathy for the earlier bass-oriented music? See/hear his approach to Palestrina on this CD???). And on top of all the joyous, high-quality grooving, Paul Heller also guests on tenor saxophone on three tracks. His Andy Herrmann Trio / Stimmen zur aktuellen CD „Looking Back“ sound, getting under one’s skin, brilliantly contributes to this happy CD, that offers an allround, highly musical, pleasurable experience.”
George Gruntz


“In order to make a name as a pianist nowadays one must have very special qualities – first-class technique, brilliant touch, humour and a never-ending wealth of ideas, top-notch improvisational talent and, above all, their very own signature. The notes bubble just so on the latest CD by Andy Herrmann, his compositions hijack the listener into a different dimension. With such instrumental accomplishment and compositional mastery one can, in line with the title of the CD, look back in satisfaction whilst looking to the future with anticipation. ‘Looking Back’, a wonderful snapshot of creativity and pleasure in music, points the way into a promising future and one can have high expectations about what other gems are yet to follow from the brilliantly co-ordinated Andy Herrmann Trio.”

Barbara Dennerlein


“For over a week I had been just eating and sleeping trying to recover from a long and heavy work schedule. And then, like a messenger the postman brought this compact disc to my door. I went to the computer and began answering Andy Herrmann´s enclosed letter that exhaustion prevented me from writing sufficient liner notes; but then thought to myself, I should at least play the CD first. By the time I listened through the second track I had to write the liner-notes. His playing had immediately rejuvenated the spirituality of my soul. How interesting music can stimulate and lift one completely out of a depressed state never ceases to amaze me. Nevertheless, I don´t intend to write a descriptive analysis of each these original compositions because the sound of this music flows like a rainbow from the first to last tones of the entire performance; all beautifully supported by bassist, Henning Sieverts and drummer, Tom Rainey. Paul Heller´s solos are truly aesthetics in the abstract. I must add that he possessed these qualities when I first met him at the young age of sixteen and it is so heart warming to hear that his development continues today on this remarkable CD; his is a divine talent. This is music for mind readers and not the musically non-thinkers who prefer mood music to help pass the boring hours. This music is for understanding the mental workings of musicians; and Andy is a pianist/composer who I am genuinely impressed with.”
Walter Norris

Andy Herrmann | Andreas Herrmann - Pianist & Komponist

Press reviews & reviews of CIRCLE

“The whole programme consisted of Herrmann compositions. They owe an obligation to current piano trio music, but avoid the all-too-often fashionable smug indulgences, preferring to play with subtle rhythmic shifts and finely chiselled harmonic refinements – and, completely in the spirit of the current album title ‘Circle’, the trio does not perform in a hierarchical triangle, instead letting the energy flows lead, guided by intelligent arrangements, to create a rounded coherence that always respects the original impulse of the themes.” Jazz CD of the Month (4/05)

» Rondomagazin ®

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“The trio succeeds in uniting opposites: energy-loaded but always relaxed music, modern and independent but firmly based on the ‘state of the art’. The interplay with Henning Sieverts (bass) and Matthias Daneck (drums) has certainty and sensitivity without becoming academic. The solos draw imaginative sweeping arcs. The pieces, all composed by Herrmann, are expressive and tasteful.”

» Jazzthing ®

“A wonderful CD of trio works which is full of amazing playing and compositions. The interaction between Andy, Henning and Matthias Daneck is simply first rate, and personifies the best of what Jazz Improvisation is all about. Highly recommended.”
Randy Brecker

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“A remarkable trio with 11 new compositions played without the help of electronics. The solos and interaction of Andy, Henning and Matthias are excellent. Hopefully this production will find a widespread audience. My sincere compliments.”
Ack van Rooyen


“This CD showcases some wonderful compositions and a real group feeling. Something that’s nice to hear these days! Andy, Henning and Matthias are playing together, working towards that ideal goal where the sum is better that it’s worthy parts. I’m really enjoying it!”
Adam Nussbaum


“Andy’s music is inspiring, nice and captivating. All different compositions are well arranged to suit this eccellent piano trio.”
Philip Catherine


“Andy Herrmann’s compositions are superb and his improvisational skills are formidable. The trio plays well together and create a nice variety of moods and textures. I can highly recommend this music!”
Peter O’Mara


“What I find particularly fascinating about this trio’s CD is that a confident creative concept has been realised whereby the ideas are celebrated and musically lived out according to a plan and without haste. Without any egoistic ideas, the three musical personalities make very diverse pictorial music – always intensively music-making but with open spaces into which the listener is pleased to be taken. Relaxed and playfully, the trio roams through European jazz concepts, as well as traditional and modern American piano trio music – not with imitations but with developed influences, important for their own sound, their own statement. Super solos seamlessly integrated, and the statement of the particular theme is consistently pursued. In short, this trio makes fine music!”

Prof. Martin Schrack


“Andy Herrmann is a sound aesthete on the piano. The finely nuanced, richly facetted piano playing on his new CD is impressive. He also displays his talents as a composer in 11 colourful and harmonically interesting compositions. Music that every jazz piano trio fan will enjoy.”

Klaus Ignatzek


“Andy Herrmann presents himself as a creative composer and mature pianist with his excellent trio. Formally and carefully laid down arrangements, sophisticated improvisations, a homogeneous band sound, space and interaction – this is how one can analytically define an impression. In far fewer words it is simply good music!”

Rainer Tempel


“The piano trio with double bass and drums is one of the classic formations in jazz. There is thus no lack of role models, whereby the palette ranges from traditional to modern, from attuned to angular, from harmonic to free, and from rippling to pulsing. Andy Herrmann has found two companions in Henning Sieverts and Matthias Daneck who will willingly follow him into all these corners and, unburdened by any of these role models, celebrate what is so rare nowadays: making simply wonderful music.”
Frank Haunschild