My Secret Love Andy Herrmann's new trio CD

Andreas Herrmann, Pianist & Composer

“Andy Herrmann is an amazingly versatile pianist with a lean whiplash touch, nimble pianistic eloquence, and an ever-precise equitable balance between sense and sensibility, rationality and intuition, reflection and spontaneity: simultaneously resolute, clear and graceful”.

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He discovered his love of music early on. He improvised on his parents’ piano while still a young child and became an enthusiast of the modern (jazz) sound. As a teenager, he played in a variety of rock, pop, and jazz bands, for which he also composed. While studying the piano at the Swiss Jazz School in Bern, he played in the quartet of legendary saxophonist Robin Kenyatta (USA) and has since accompanied national and international jazz giants – such as Benny Golson (USA, tenorsax), Alex Sipiagin (Rus, trumpet), Zipflo Reinhardt (D, violin), Johannes Enders (D, tenorsax), Jimmy Woode (USA, bass), Debbie ‘Sister’ Sledge (USA, vocals), and many others – live on stage.


After completing a classic composition course at the Freiburg College of Music, he mainly dedicated himself to his piano trio which was nominated for the ‘New German Jazz Prize’ in 2010. The debut album of The Child in Me quartet (which he founded in 2015) rapidly entered the iTunes worldwide bestseller list. He is now a professor at the College of Music in Lucerne.

My Secret Love

Andy Herrmann’s new trio CD

In his newly constituted trio, the pianist (now resident in Munich) pursues his secret passion – the jazz of the ‘Great American Songbook’.


The trio, with Arne Huber (double bass) and Jorge Rossy (drums), impresses with subtle interplay and celebrated straight-ahead jazz at the highest level of excellence.

My Secret Love

My Secret Love – Teaser

The Child In Me

Andreas Herrmann’s quartet

"The Child in Me" Band von Andy Herrmann | Andreas Herrmann - Pianist & Komponist

In his project, The Child In Me, pianist Andreas Herrmann explores his childish side – demonstrating, yet again, his quality as a composer.


Until now mainly appearing with his trio, which was nominated for the Neuen Deutschen Jazzpreis in 2010, the pianist has now come up with a first-class quartet with Norbert Scholly (guitar), Arne Huber (bass) and Fabian Rösch (drums).

The Child in Me

The Child in Me – Game


Andy Herrmann | Andreas Herrmann - Pianist & Komponist

Andy Herrmann Trio

Andy Herrmann Trio



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